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Autistic Adults

Autistic adults can get a range of support from Autism Berkshire.

Call 01189 594 594 to speak to our Helpline advisers, who can answer questions and provide guidance on services and support. If you prefer, you can get in touch with them by completing our contact form.

Members of Autism Berkshire have access to our library, and can borrow books offering advice on topics including further and higher education and access to employment.

We also offer community learning courses designed specially for autistic adults focusing on independent living and developing social skills and understanding.

The 197 Club in Reading, the Bear With Me Group in Maidenhead and our Bracknell Adult Social Group offer opportunities to socialise.

We administer the Berkshire Autism Alert Card scheme, which helps people living with autism to quickly and easily explain their condition to others if they become anxious or stressed while out and about.

The National Autistic Society offers a range of advice and resources to help adults on the autism spectrum with topics including work and managing money as well as further and higher education.

Professor Tony Attwood’s website offers a useful guide for people with Asperger syndrome and their partners.