Support for Parents, Families and Carers

We offer a range of information and advice to parents, carers and families of people living with autism of all ages.

We run free daytime and evening support groups for parents and carers, with visiting speakers and provide a comprehensive range of training workshops for parents and carers.

Members of Autism Berkshire have access to our library, and can borrow books offering advice on topics that those caring for children and young people with autism spectrum conditions, including education and access to employment.

We have recently updated our library’s stock with support from the Local Transformation Fund for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing from the Berkshire East and Berkshire West NHS Clinical Commissioning Group federations. Please visit our office, have a cup of tea or coffee and borrow some books.

We also administer the Berkshire Autism Alert Card scheme, which helps people living with autism to quickly and easily explain their condition to others if they become anxious or stressed while out and about.

Our Useful Links page provides signposts to a range of online resources, such as local authorities, health services, education and information about benefits.

Professor Tony Attwood’s website offers a useful guide for parents, people with Asperper’s syndrome and their partners.

helpadnsupportYou can also download our Help & Support leaflet for further info, by clicking here or on the image.