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Try a deep relaxation class to ease stress

Looking after children with autism and challenging behaviour can lead to stress, anxiety and poor health among parents and carers.

Autism Berkshire aims to offer a variety of support to give parents short breaks, ease stress and anxiety and increase their ability to cope with the pressures of family life.

Deep relaxation classes in the east of the county were introduced earlier this year and Autism Berkshire member Kathryn Curtis got in touch to say how much she had benefited from her first visit to one of the sessions and to encourage other parents and carers to take part.

All the sessions, held at venues in Bracknell, Slough and Windsor, are led by qualified yoga and relation teacher Katia Cornwall, who also runs our relaxation classes for children aged five to 18.

Kathryn told us: “I went to the session very apprehensive, mainly because of a chronic pain condition I have and the fact I can’t do yoga or get on the floor. However, I needn’t have worried. Kat, the instructor, was able to tailor the session so I could do it.

“During the session Kat made sure we were comfortable lying down. She covered us with blankets and played some very relaxing music. She guided us through the process of detaching our body from our mind. Her voice was very relaxing and I found it easy to visualise what she was describing.

“Then there was a period when we were in a very relaxed state and just the music was playing, which Kat was also playing along with. The whole thing being very soothing.

“Once the session had finished and we were once again mind and body attached, we gradually sat up. I felt bright and refreshed.

“It was wonderful to be able to do something for myself and I would highly recommend this session to anyone, but especially to other people like me who are feeling very stressed.”

Click here and follow the links on the page for more information about our deep relaxation classes and dates of forthcoming sessions in Bracknell, Slough and Windsor.

To book places, please call the Autism Berkshire office on 01189 594594 or email

The classes are funded by the Berkshire East Clinical Commissioning Group Federation as part of the CAMHS Local Transformation Plan.