Our 25th anniversary exhibition Autism in Berkshire: Past & Present goes online

Autism in Berkshire: Past & Present, an exhibition created to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Berkshire Autistic Society – now known as Autism Berkshire – in 1990, can now be viewed online.

The 12 panels of the exhibition look at the development of autism understanding in the county and across the world since Victorian times.

It also explores the changes that there have been in the ways that the health and education sectors in Berkshire have changed the ways they support people living with autism over the years.

It also features a number of personal accounts of people’s experiences of living with autism in Berkshire, both people who are autistic and parents and cares of children and young people with autism spectrum conditions.

Videos featuring a number of people who were interviewed for the exhibition, both parents and professionals, can be watched online.

The exhibition, which was displayed in public for the first time at our annual general meeting last December, was researched by our former trustee Rachel Cotton.

Click here to view the exhibition panels online, or to download them.

They are also on display at our office in Reading, so do take a look if you are visiting us.

Any organisations that would like to borrow the exhibition to put it on display should contact the Autism Berkshire office, or email communcations@autismberkshire.org.uk.

Autism in Berkshire: Past & Present was funded with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.