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Family Seminars on offer again to parents and carers of autistic children in Berkshire

Free places can now be booked for the first of our new series of Autism Seminars for Families to support parents and carers of children – whether they have a diagnosis of autism or are on the Berkshire CAMHS waiting list for an assessment.

The seminars, which are free of charge to participants, have been developed by specialists from the National Autistic Society.

We will again be offering three courses:

  • Understanding Autism, suitable for parents and carers of children aged up to 11, looking at what autism is, the assessment process at Berkshire CAMHS, where to get help, and other conditions associated with autism
  • Managing Anger, looking at distressed behaviour and meltdowns in children with autism, how to cope and how to help children to understand and communicate feelings
  • Sensory Needs, looking at sensory systems and how they work, how autistic people may process sensory information differently and have different sensory experiences, and strategies to help with sensory needs.

Forthcoming Autism Seminars for Families are as follows. They all run from 9.30am to 2.30pm.


Monday, June 4: Understanding Autism
Monday, July 16: Meeting Sensory Needs
Monday, July 23: Managing Anger


Tuesday, April 24: Understanding Autism
Tuesday, May 8: Meeting Sensory Needs
Tuesday, May 22: Managing Anger


Wednesday, April 25: Understanding Autism
Wednesday, May 16: Meeting Sensory Needs
Wednesday, June 27: Managing Anger


Friday, April 27: Understanding Autism
Friday, May 25: Meeting Sensory Needs
Friday, September 7: Managing Anger

Forthcoming seminars in Thatcham and Wokingham are being arranged.

Click here for more information about the seminars and to register for free places.

Details are also available of other workshops we offer to parents and carers, including new sessions on Emotional Self-Regulation to help children and young people with autism.

If you have any questions or difficulty booking online, please call the Autism Berkshire office on 01189 594 594 or email

  • These workshops are funded by the East Berkshire and Berkshire West NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.