Pianist Jonah aims to raise funds to help other autistic people

Young pianist Jonah Cohen is hoping that his musical skills can raise funds for Autism Berkshire to help other autistic people in the county.

The 10-year-old has recorded videos playing Waltz in B Minor, by Frédéric Chopin, and The Herdboy’s Song, by Tan Dun, and is asking people who enjoy them to make a donation to our funds, to thank us for supporting his family.

His mother Justine said: “Jonah has played the piano since he was four. This was about the same time he received an autism diagnosis.

“Although he has some daily struggles, he wants to help others who find parts of their autism difficult too.

“He hopes that his music will encourage people to give to those who need help to make their days a little easier.

“Thank you to Autism Berkshire for giving us the opportunity to share his music for the good of others.”

Autism Berkshire CEO Jane-Stanford Beale said: “I’d like to thank Jonah for thinking of supporting us in this way. We hope everyone enjoys watching and hearing him play.”

Click here to see the videos of the Jonah playing piano, on our YouTube channel.

  • If you enjoy them, please click here to donate if you would like to support our work for autistic people and their families in Berkshire and leave a note in the comment box to say that you enjoyed Jonah’s performances.