Autism Diagnosis

Autism Diagnosis for Children under 18

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s CAMHS service manages the Autism Assessment Pathway, which assesses whether a child or young person has an autism spectrum condition.

Click here for full details of the Pathway process and the Trust’s Autism Assessment Team.

The waiting list for an assessment is about 18 months. Parents and carers are welcome to attend our workshops once their child has been accepted on the CAMHS waiting list.

Berkshire CAMHS has produced this short video outlining the assessment process, to help parents and children

If you have concerns that a child may have autism, speak to your GP, health visitor or, if the child is attending school, a teacher. All these professionals will be able to refer you for further advice.

If your child is on the Berkshire CAMHS waiting list for an autism assessment appointment, you can attend our NAS Autism Seminars for Families, which provide practical advice and strategies to use while you wait. These workshops are free of charge to participants, thanks to funding from the Berkshire NHS clinical commissioning groups.

Click here for more details of these workshops and other pre-assessment support we offer to parents and carers.

Autism Diagnosis for Adults

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust also provides an assessment service for adults who think that they may have an autism spectrum condition and have been referred by their GP. For details, click here

The waiting time for an assessment appointment is between 12 and 24 months.

Private Diagnosis

We do not recommend private diagnosis but if you decide to follow this course, there are a number of local private providers. Please make sure that you consult someone who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

The Centre for Autism at the University of Reading
The centre offers diagnostic services for adults, ie aged over 18, following evidence-based practice with assessment carried out by a specialist clinical psychologist and speech & language therapist and follow-up support as required. Assessments may be privately funded or through employing organisations. Assessment fees in May 2017 were £1,000 for adults.

Click here for more details or call 0118 378 7558.

  • Please note that the Centre for Autism is no longer taking referrals for autism assessments for children and teenagers under 18, unless it is connection with research being carried out at the centre. See their website for details.

Dr Liz Dawes, at Every Mind Child Psychology
Every Mind provides diagnostic assessments, ongoing support and therapy for children under 18 years of age. Dr Dawes has extensive experience in autism diagnosis of children, including working at Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett’s diagnostic clinic in Australia. Every Mind diagnostic assessments are comprehensive and follow best practice. Fees for assessments start at £1,600 (July 2020). Every Mind’s clinic is in Spencers Wood, just south of Reading.

Click here for more details or email

Clinical psychologists Anne Jeavons and Dr Katie Bebb, who both have many years’ experience assessing adults for autism spectrum conditions and/or ADHD in the NHS and privately, offer assessment services in Reading. Please note that they only assess adult clients, aged 18 and above.

Fees for autism assessments in July 2020 were from £950 and a combined autism and ADHD assessment from £1,250. An assessment for ADHD was from £650.

  • For more details and to arrange appointments with Anne Jeavons, email or call 07801 264489.
  • For appointments with Dr Katie Bebb, email or call 07970 986164.

ChATS (Child Assessment and Treatment Service) provides autism and ADHD assessments for children and young people aged 5 to 18 in Berkshire and Hampshire. Clinical psychologist Dr Terri Brown and specialist neurodevelopmental nurse Stephen Chandler have extensive experience carrying out assessments for autism and/or ADHD in the NHS and privately.

Fees for autism assessments in September 2020 were £1,730 for an autism assessment and £2,000 for a combined autism and ADHD assessment.

See and to enquire about an appointment, email or call 07512 331860.

Oxford ADHD & Autism Centre in Headington provides autism and ADHD diagnostic services for children and adults, as well as neurodevelopmental assessments for children who may have more complex difficulties. Autism assessment fees in July 2020 were £1,800 per person for both children and adults. A combined autism and ADHD assessment for children was £2,400 per child and £2,800 for an adult.

See or call 01865 744144.

Among the team at the Oxford centre is clinical psychologist Dr Mandy Smiton, who also has her own clinic in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, and sees clients from Berkshire. She specialises in working with children and adolescents.

See or call 07591 684918.

Berkshire Psychology
Based in Woodley. Assessments carried out by clinical psychologist Dr Jenny Murray. Autism assessment fees in July 2020 were £800 per child, with a combined autism and ADHD assessment costing £900 per child.

See for details or call 07894 353141.

Dr Dawn Thomas-Bawa
Based in Basingstoke, Dr Thomas-Bawa is a chartered clinical psychologist. Fees depend on the type and length of an assessment.

See or call 01256 405460.

Clinical Partners provides autism and ADHD assessments for adults and children at a number of locations across the UK, including Oxford, Farnham and London. Assessments are carried out by psychiatrists and psychologists who have undergone specialist training. The fee in August 2018 was £2,300.

See or call 0203 326 9160 for more details of its services.