Media Information

Autism Berkshire is a charity providing a range of services and support to autistic children, young people and adults, and their parents and carers.

It was founded in 1990 as the Berkshire Autistic Society by a group of parents of children who were autistic or had related conditions.

As well as supporting autistic people and their families, the charity works with Berkshire’s six local authorities, the NHS and other organisations to improve education, respite care, leisure activities and other services for autistic people and their families and carers.

Autism Berkshire is funded by donations, grants and supporters’ fundraising efforts.

Autism is a lifelong condition which can affect communication (both verbally and non-verbally), sensory processing, and relationships.

Up to 20,000 people living in Berkshire are autistic.

For media enquiries, call William Crossley on 07908 610085 or email

Our chief executive officer, Jane Stanford-Beale, is available for interview in connection with articles and broadcast reports about autism.