Thames Valley Autism Alert Card

The Thames Valley Autism Alert Card provides a simple way for autistic people of all ages and their parents or carers to quickly and easily explain the condition to others, giving cardholders and their families more confidence to go out and about.

Autism Berkshire issues the Thames Valley Autism Alert Card free of charge to anyone living in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes who has an autism diagnosis*. More than 2,500 cards are now in use.

The card is intended to be shown if the cardholder finds themselves in a situation where they need assistance or cannot easily explain their behaviour to people around them or to the emergency services.

The card gives the cardholder’s name and details of two emergency contacts, such as parents or carers, so that those shown the card understand they are dealing with someone who is autistic and find out what they can do to help them.

In addition, cardholders (or those applying on their behalf, such as a parent, carer or social worker) can choose whether or not they want to share some additional information about how autism affects them, and any particular support needs that they have, with Thames Valley Police.

This extra information is held securely in a police database and can be made available to police officers or other emergency services, such as ambulance crew or firefighters, if they are shown an alert card while they are on duty.

Frontline staff are trained to recognise the alert card and to understand that additional information about the cardholder may be available to help find out more about their needs.

*Please note that all applications must be accompanied by a copy of documentation showing proof of an autism diagnosis. Proof can include a diagnosis letter, or a statement letter from a professional, such as a doctor, paediatrician, psychologist, social worker or school, or a medical report or assessment. Please do not send the original documents in the post, to avoid the risk of them getting lost.

Click here to complete the online application form for a Thames Valley Autism Alert Card and remember that you must also email a copy of your proof of an autism diagnosis to us at

Alert Card Autism BerksIf you prefer, click here or on the picture to the left to download and complete a printed application form – the form is branded for Berkshire but can be used by anyone living in the Thames Valley region – and then send it, with a copy of proof of diagnosis, to our office at 40 Caversham Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7EB. We can also post an application form to you on request.

If you have any questions about the Thames Valley Autism Alert Card, call 01189 594 594 (option 3) or email us at

  • May 2022 – Please note that at present there are delays in uploading information about new cardholders to the police database. If interacting with the police, we would still encourage cardholders to always show their Alert Card if they need assistance and do their best to communicate their needs directly to police officers/staff.
  • If you lose your alert card, or want to change the names or telephone numbers of the emergency contacts on the back of the card, then we will issue a replacement free of charge. Contact us using the details above and include your full postal address and the card number, if you know it.

The Thames Valley Autism Alert Card scheme is supported by Thames Valley Police, the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner, Buckinghamshire Council, Autism Berkshire and Talkback.